The Mosque and Cemetery in Macau


This map shows points of interest for both Muslim residents in and visitors to Macau. You will find the bus route number serving the mosque on the map page. If you are planning to take a taxi, please print the following (in Chinese) and show it to the taxi driver. Please note that most taxi drivers in Macao speaks very little or no English.

<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";hl=en&amp;oe=UTF8&amp;msa=0&amp;msid=204184449280042236690.000471c8676eed399b045&amp;ll=22.196922,113.54634&amp;spn=0.006676,0.005302&amp;t=h&amp;vpsrc=1&amp;output=embed"></iframe><br /><small>View <a href=";hl=en&amp;oe=UTF8&amp;msa=0&amp;msid=204184449280042236690.000471c8676eed399b045&amp;ll=22.196922,113.54634&amp;spn=0.006676,0.005302&amp;t=h&amp;vpsrc=1&amp;source=embed" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">Macau for Muslims</a> in a larger map</small>