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If you are a Muslim living in Macau or planning to visit Macau and you want to find information that matters to you - e.g. the location of mosque in Macau, prayer times for Macau, where to find halal food in Macau, etc. - then this website may help you find the information you are looking for.

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Prayer times for Macau*

* The table shows the beginning of prayer times for Macau. Please note jamaat in the mosque starts later than this.

Fasting starts on Sunday, 29 June 2014. Please note that Muslims in Macau follow Ramadan and Eid dates announced by the Incorporated Trustees of The Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong. Check here for the Eid prayer time.


When I moved to Macau with my family in 2006 - after living six years in Hong Kong - finding halal food became a major issue. I knew very few people in Macau then and, of those whom I knew, none was Muslim.  Because of the large size of Muslim population in Hong Kong, this was never a major issue there. I could just call a friend or search the website of Muslim organisations in Hong Kong to find such information. So, in September 2006, we became frequent Hong Kong visitors, mostly to get halal food items. It was expensive and time consuming.

Ramadan in 2006 started on 23 September and the frequency of our Hong Kong visit increased substantially. Because of my previous visits to Macau, I knew where the Mosque was. But there was no information readily available about the time for the Eid jamaat. Fortunately, one day, I met a gentleman of South Asian look in my children's school, Sheng Kung Hui, now called Macau Anglican College, in Taipa. That gentleman, a Macau citizen and now a very good friend of mine, Mr. Adnan Nasim, became the only source of information related to Islamic activities in Macau.

Over the last three years, I befriended many other Muslims in Macau and now we can solve simple tasks like finding halal cereal, for example, very easily. But, I still meet many Muslim visitors from all over the world in Macau who face the same problems that I faced in 2006. So, I decided to develop this website to help such Muslim brothers and sisters find information that might matter to them and chose another Ramadan, this time in August 2009, to launch the website.

Your assistance

This website is under construction. I am at the moment trying to develop a list of restaurants and shops in Macau that serve halal food or sell halal food items. The list includes the names of restaurants/shops, their address, telephone numbers and, where available, a picture. God willing, I will also add a location map later.

Since no database of such restaurants and shops for Macau exists at the moment, I would like to seek your assistance in creating the database. 

If you are interested in helping, please click on any one of the following buttons:

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When you click one of the buttons, you will be directed to a page in which you can add the details of the restaurants you want to see on this website. A similar page for adding shop details will be added very soon. Please stay tuned.


The information provided on this website is for general reference only. Please note that there is no Halal certification authority in Macau. So, the information on Halal food in Macau is based purely on the information provided by the restaurants. I am not able to verify the claim, nor am I able to guarantee the accuracy of the information.

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